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Focuster + Asana Integration

Step by step manual to set up a Focuster-Asana Integration via Zapier

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Workflow #1:
Add new tasks from Asana to the Today list in Focuster.

* Please note that you'll need an active Zapier account to set up this integration

Step 1:

Go to your account at , click on the Explore tab and press the big orange button “MAKE A ZAP”:

Step 2:

On the new page, choose the trigger app - in our case it will be Asana:

If you cannot see Asana’s logo in “Your apps’ section, simply start typing "Asana" in the Search field.

Step 3:

Choose the trigger action. 

Zapier will show you the list of actions from which you can select the one that meets your needs.

I’ll choose “New Task in Project”. This means that when a new task appear in one of my projects in Asana (we’ll set this up during the next step), the action will be automatically created in Focuster and added to the Today list.

So, select the trigger action, then press blue “Save and continue” button on the bottom of the page. 

Step 4:

Zapier requires you to select your Asana account (if you have multiple) or to confirm that you want use the current one.
Select your Asana account or add a new one, then press “Test”

We highly recommend to test connection between Zapier and your tools to make sure everything is set up properly.

After you run a test you should see a green “Success!” button. 

Press “Save and continue”

Step 5:

We’ll need to set up an Asana task. 

Choose the workspace and project from the dropdown lists.
The project we’re choosing here means that new tasks that appear in this project will be added as actions to Focuster.

Press “Continue”

Zapier require to perform a test. 

Check if you choose the workspace and project correctly, then press “Fetch and continue” to run a test. Zapier will look for an existing new task in this list to run a test.

If the test was successful (the project you’ve selected had a new tasks in it), you’ll receive a confirmation message:

Press “Continue” to proceed with this Zap.

Step 6:

We need to choose an Action App.
Choose from the list or use a search field to find Focuster:

Step 7:

Choose an action (currently only one option is available - create a new action):

Press “Save and Continue”  button.

Step 8:

Choose your Focuster account, or connect it if it wasn’t connected before.
Don’t forget to press the “Test” button to check the connection.

Save and continue.

Step 9:

On the next page we’re able to set up an Action in Focuster.

Press the small icon on the right-hand side of the field to open a dropdown menu and choose:

  • Title of the action that will appear in Focuster. You can choose from the variety of options here, but for me the most convenient is to use the same name as appears in Asana. This field is called “Data Name”. On the picture below you can see that Zapier provides you with an example that it tested on the previous steps. In my case it’s “Create a document for Rob”

  • You can choose what information from Asana will go to the Notes section in Focuster.

By the way, you can select multiple fields here. For, example, I want to see in my Note section in Focuster: The project name where the action is came from Asana and the notes that are there.

So, I’m choosing the “Data Membership Project Name”, pressing the space, then "Enter." Then choosing the “Data Notes”:

  • The next option is to choose the list in Focuster. New action can land in your Todo list (inbox section) or Today list - it’s up to you.

    Let's choose a Today list:

  • Also, I’d like to make sure that I won’t miss this task (even if it’s on my Today list), so I’ll select the due date to be reflected in Focuster:

  • You can also set up the position of the actions from Asana - they can appear on the top of your list or on the bottom. 

Let's choose the top here:

Step 10:

Zapier will show you an example on how your action will look like in Focutser.
If you like it, press “Create and Continue”. If some changes are required go back to one of  the previous steps and make edits.

If the test was successful, you’ll  see this:

Now you can press “Finish”, name your Zap and turn it ON:

Step 11:

Check your Focuster account, a test action should appear there:

You’re able to change the duration,  pin/unpin action, change the order on the list, just manage it like your usual action in Focuster.

Workflow #2: The completed task in Focuster appears in Asana

  • Please note that you'll need an active paid Zapier account to set up this integration

As a pre-step, I’ll go to Focuster and mark a “Create a document for Rob” as completed. 

Step 1:

Go to your account at , click on the Explore tab and press the big orange button “MAKE A ZAP”:

Step 2:

The new page will open.
Choose the trigger app - in this case it will be Focuster:

Step 3:

Select a trigger - new completed action

Press “Save and Continue” button

Step 4:

Select and test your Focuster account:

There will be some similar steps as we did with Asana when we created the first Zap - test and continue.

Step 5:

Choose an Action app.  We’re choosing Asana.

Step 6:

We’ll need to add a search step to this process, because we need to look for the same actions in Asana and mark them as completed.

So, we’ll need to choose “add a search step” and select “Find task in Project”

Then, choose and test the Asana account: 

Add the search parameters:

1) The project

2) And the task name

Also there is an option to create a new task if it didn’t exist before. 

Zapier will test this step.

Step 7:

Choose the action App - Asana again. But as a trigger action we’ll choose - update a task. So on the previous step Zapier will search for a task with a certain title and here it will update it:

Step 8: 

Set up Asana task by choosing “yes” in the section “Task Completed”

It was a final step. After you set this integration up, you can mark tasks as done in Focuster and they will be automatically marked as done in your Asana.

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