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Multiple Lists: from chaos to clarity
Multiple Lists: from chaos to clarity

Learn how to organize actions from your Todo in lists

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If you’re like most professionals we know, trying to balance all areas of your life and juggle different responsibilities, most likely your Todo list is overwhelmed. The Multiple Lists feature allows you to split up different categories and wear as many hats as you need gracefully.

How to create a list

To add a new list just click the "New List" icon at the top of the Todo list on the left-hand side.

You can create as many categories as you need to match the busy life you have. For example, you can organize your list by clients (Client A, Client B), area of focus (Parent, Husband, Boss) or goal (Climb Mount Everest, Disney World Trip) 

How to manage lists

When you need to add an action to the list, hover over the list name and press the “+ “button. 

Add notes and tags to your actions, adjust their duration and set up a due date to make sure nothing is missed. 

If you need to hide all the actions from the list, press an arrow next to the list name. 

Need to focus on a single list at a time?
Collapse all the lists by shift-clicking the arrow next to the list name. 

Enjoy the streamlined planning with Multiple Lists and let us know if you have any questions or feedback.

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