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A lot of us would love to plan the day in advance and stick to this schedule. Unfortunately, plans change so quickly and often we cannot resist these changes. But we can help you to stay in touch and instantly update your schedule on a go with Focuster Mobile.

Basically, it works pretty similar to Focuster, but allows you to have the power of automated scheduling in your pocket at all times.

This guide will help you to discover the main features and functions.

The Action List

Here you can plan a single day. Your actions are listed in the priority order here (you intend to accomplish the first one before the actions that follow).

Here you can change the duration of each task, its due time, pin it or change the order of tasks.

The bright line on the top of the screen is an Activity Bar.
Click on it to see how much unscheduled time you have left and how busy a given day is.

If you over schedule – you will start to see red and your actions will be automatically rescheduled for the next available day.

Try to move black borders to change work hours for this particular day.

Reordering Actions

An important distinction is that by default a short "tap" on an action will allow you to edit or change the action.

To actually re-order by dragging the actions around you need to use a "long tap and hold".

To accomplish this simply tap on top of the action you want to re-order and instead of trying to drag it immediately wait a couple seconds until you see it change color slightly. This indicates that you can now drag the action to the desired place in the order.

The Todo List

Todo list is a place to store all your unscheduled actions.

You can create as many lists as you need to categorize your actions. Use lists to organize by client, project, goal, activity or any other criteria that matches the busy life you have. Another option for filtering your actions is to add #tags to them.

How to add an action from the Todo list to your Action list?
Simply click the arrow on the action and choose where to move it:

Calendar Screen

Actions that are on a green background are actions from your Google Calendar, and actions on the grey are from Focuster Action list.
On the Calendar screen you can see your full schedule, set up a start time for particular actions (pin the action). Here you can also mark your actions as completed – simply click on the circle on the action.  

Now screen

Now screen as always is showing you this one the most important thing you should be focused on right now.

Click “More” to see: Archive, Settings, Synchronization, Help and Logout menus.

Shows you all of your finished actions day by day.

Here you can set up your Timezone, Work hours and Scheduling for the weekends if you’d like to. Here you can also change the Action Duration, which is 1 hour by default.

If you prefer a step by step planning, uncheck the “Schedule all actions” check-box and Focuster will schedule only 3 next actions for you.

After setting up the scheduling, scroll down to set up Notifications: Reminder frequency, Push notifications and Daily planning e-mails.

Also, in the Settings menu you can:

  • choose Calendars which you will get busy times from;

  • receive an API key for integrations;

  • manage your account: see your current plan, subscription status or delete your account.

  Don’t forget to click “Save”:)

Currently we're working on the beta version of Focuster iOS app. If you'd like to join our test group, please reach out to the support and we'll be happy to share the access with you. 

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