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For better results, we highly recommend adjusting some settings before you start working with Focuster. Go to the Settings menu and check out:

  1. Work Hours. Select your time zone and set up your working hours. Note, that you can change the working hours for a particular day using the Activity Bar. 

  2. Action Duration. By default it’s 1h. It means that when you add a new action and don’t choose its duration, Focuster will automatically assign a 1h. You can always change it manually in your Todo list or Today list.  But if you know that your tasks usually are shorter than that - simply change the duration in Settings.

  3. Scheduling. You can choose if you’d like your actions to be scheduled on the weekends or not. If you prefer a step by step planning, uncheck the “Schedule all actions” checkbox and Focuster will schedule only 3 next actions for you.

  4. Notifications. Focuster provides 3 types of notifications: 

  • Reminders: set up the frequency for Focuster’s intelligent reminders that will appear in the right corner of your screen until you complete your top priority. 

  • Push notifications: enable this feature to get reminders even when Focuster tab is not open. *Available for Chrome users only

  • Emails: receive daily emails to understand your performance better and develop a planning habit. 

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