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What is Focuster and how it works
What is Focuster and how it works
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Focuster is your dedicated scheduling assistant which helps to reclaim your focus and crush your goals. Focuster automatically schedules your most important work in your calendar and follow-up with you until you get it done.

Simply connect Focuster to your Google account and it will automatically find the free time slots in your calendar to schedule the most important tasks for you. 

If an unexpected cancellation or new appointment arises, your schedule will be adjusted automatically so you can maximize your productivity for the rest of the day.

There are 3 sections in Focuster:

  1. ToDo List: a place to store all your unscheduled actions.

  2. Action list: your plan for today.

  3. Calendar: shows events from your Google Calendar and scheduled actions from the Action List.

Simply drag and drop actions from ToDo list to your Action List, or add them directly to your Action List and Focuster will schedule them according to their priority.

The order of the tasks in your Today list determines their priority. This means that the most important task should be on the top of the list, and the less important - on the bottom. 

You can change the priority by changing the order of tasks  - simply drag and drop them inside the list.

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