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Learn how to pin actions in your schedule wherever you want

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Even with smart automatic scheduling, sometimes you’d like to manually adjust your actions to start at a specific time.

Focuster’s pinning feature allows you to set up a start time for your actions regardless their priority in your list. This means that you can override the auto scheduling and move any action to any time you want.

Pinning Example: Simple Pinning

Imagine you have set up the 3 most important actions for your day. Also, you need to reserve a table at a restaurant that only opens after 4 p.m.

Simply drag the action on the calendar to 4 p.m. and it will be there regardless of the priority in the day list.

Once the time is reached, the pinned action will be rescheduled and move forward in priority order. So if calling the restaurant needs to be a top priority make sure it is high up in your Day list priority order. 

To do this is easy:

  • Simply put the action to “Reserve a table” at the top of your list

  • Then drag it on the calendar to pin it at 4 p.m.

  • Your other actions will be scheduled before the pinned action initially

  • But once 4 p.m. is reached it will become the top priority action, according to the priority order in the day list.

How to pin an action

There are couple ways how you can pin an action on your Focuster calendar:

  1. When creating a new action simply type the start time:

   2. You can also type the start time for existing actions: 

  3.  You can manually drag the action from your Todo list to the Calendar:

  4. You can also drag the action inside the Calendar:

Will a pinned action move with other actions if my schedule changes?

Even if your schedule changes, pinned action will remain in its place until its end time is reached. After this, it will be rescheduled according to the priority order.

Another great thing about pinned action feature is that it allows to overlap.

While we’re not fans of multitasking, sometimes it’s possible to take care of 2 tasks along the way. 

For example, you can drop off the letters to the Post Office during your lunch break. 

Is it possible to unpin the action?

You can easily unpin the action by clicking on the red Pin sign.
Unpinned action will be rescheduled according to the priority order in your todo list.

You can unpin on the Today list:

Or on the calendar:

Enjoy the updated scheduling with pinned actions and let us know if you have any questions or feedback. 

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