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Integrate your email with Focuster with Zapier
Integrate your email with Focuster with Zapier

How to setup a forwarding address that will add emails to Focuster as tasks

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👋 Focuster now has a native e-mail Inbox feature that you may want to look at first. Check it out

Step 1:

Go to your account at , click on the Explore tab and press the big orange button “MAKE A ZAP”:

Step 2:

The new page will open.
Choose the trigger app - in our case it will be Email by Zapier (simply type it in the search line)

Step 3:
Select New Inbound Email on the next step  and press Continue

Step 4:
Set up an email by Zapier Inbound email.
You’ll be given a special email address. This email address is unique to the Zap. You should modify it further by typing in a prefix, like "mike".

To trigger the Zap shown in the screenshot, you would send/forward  an email to [email protected]

Step 5:
Now I would recommend to go to your email and set up a forwarding option to the new Zapier email that you’ve just created on the previous step ([email protected]). In my experience, the best way to use this integration is to set up a filter within your existing email account that forwards specific emails to the address.

Note: if you need to verify your Zapier email during setup in your email: In the "test this step" section of your trigger or action, you can load the most recent email received by that email address. If you click the "Re-test" button, then click on the "view your email" link on the test success page, you can see the body of those emails and get the URL you need to finish verifying that address.

Step 6: 

Make sure to press a test button to confirm that email/filters/Zapier work correctly

Step 7:

Choose Focuster as your Action app:

Choose  from the list or use a search field to find Focuster:

Step 7:

Choose an action- add a new action:

Press “Save and Continue”  button.

Step 8:

Choose your Focuster account, or connect it if it wasn’t connected before (just follow the links, it’s very intuitive 2-step process)
Don’t forget to press the “test” button to check the connection.

Save and continue.

Step 9:

Set up Focuster action. 

Press the small icon on the right hand side of the field to open a dropdown menu and choose:

1) Title of the action that will appear in Focuster. You can choose from the variety of options here, but for me the most convenient is to use the email’s subject. On the picture below you can see that Zapier provides you with example that it tested on the previous steps (Subject - Test#1)

2) You can choose what information from the email  will go to the Notes section in Focuster.
I’ve selected the email body.

By the way, you can select multiple fields here. For example, Sender and Body Plain or HTML

You can also select the list where these actions will land - Todo (left hand side list or Today List. If you choose Today - they will be automatically scheduled for today. Also, you can choose if you like these actions to appear as your top priorities (on the top of the list) or on the bottom of the list.

Step 10:

Test the integration. Make sure to set it up live.

Check out these integrations if you're using Gmail:

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