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Have you ever found yourself wearing many hats in life or in business ? It's often best to batch related tasks so that you can avoid burning out from context switching too often. But how can you do that automatically? Time Blocking!

What is Time Blocking?

Grouping things together makes them easier to deal with. Instead of managing your daily schedule as a list of individual tasks, break your schedule into a number of themed blocks of time where related tasks are executed together.

Time blocking is a feature for Focuster PRO users. We’ll be making major improvements in the coming months but there is enough demand that we wanted to introduce a basic version quickly.

Give me an example

In this example I have both a Home and a Work schedule. You can have as many blocks and lists as you want but this simple example demonstrates how time blocking works.

How do I use time blocks in Focuster?

  1. Create Your Blocks in Google Calendar with #block in the title.
    Just create a calendar event in your Google Calendar named for the list that you want to block out and also add the #block hashtag. So if you have a list named “Home” in your Focuster you would add “Home #block” in Google Calendar.

  2. Schedule Actions from the Relevant Lists using “Next available block”
    Find or create the action in the list you want to schedule. From the Start time dropdown, select the “Next available block” option. If you don’t choose that option then the action won’t be scheduled.

Other notes

  • Unfinished actions will move forward to the next available block unless they are overdue in which case they will automatically be highlighted for the day.

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