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2-way Trello Integration
2-way Trello Integration

Step-by-step guide to integrate your Focuster account with Trello

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Focuster and Trello work together to make your life easier and save your precious time for more important things than unchecking your tasks twice. 

How does it work?

With this native integration you can optimize your personal and team's workflow:

  • Create tasks in Trello and make them appear in selected lists in Focuster

  • Create Trello cards from actions in certain lists in Focuster

  • See and edit the card description in the Notes field in Focuster

  • Move tasks completed in Focuster into the "Done" list in Trello

  • Real-time updates: Changes sync between the applications instantly so you don't have to wait to be productive - edit cards from Focuster and see the instant changes in Trello  

How to set up a Trello integration for your account

Step 1
In Focuster go to Settings->Integrations and connect your Trello account.

Step 2
When you confirm the connection, you'll be able to see the titles of your lists in Focuster that you can associate with boards and lists in your Trello account:

Set up as many connections as you need. 

Step 3
Create a workflow by choosing your Trello mapping: 

1)The board;
2) "Doing" list  - the list in Trello from which your cards will be taken and added to Focuster
3) "Done" list - the list in Trello where your actions will be moved ass soon as you mark them as completed:  

Save your choices.

Congratulations! Your Trello integration was was successfully set up.

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